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Reindeer husbandry in Børgefjell

Southern Sami domesticated reindeer husbandry takes place in Børgefjell. This means that you can see activity as well as traces of reindeer husbandry both inside and outside of the national park.



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Børgefjell is an important area for reindeer husbandry, both from a historical perspective as well as the present day. Many cultural monuments bear witness to reindeer husbandry activity in the area dating back several hundred years.

The area remains important for Southern Sami reindeer husbandry and culture, and many of the current activities are linked to this. The Sami reindeer husbandry now practiced in the national park crosses the Norwegian-Swedish border and involves the use of modern mechanical aids.

As a visitor, please be considerate and remember:
Keep your dog on a leash. Reindeer can perceive a running dog as a predator out hunting.
If you see grazing reindeer, make a detour around the animals.
If you encounter a herd, sit down and wait until the herd has passed.
The springtime is calving time, and the reindeer are particularly vulnerable. Show extra consideration and avoid the area.

Enjoy the sight of the beautiful reindeer, but please use binoculars.

Collection of domestic reindeer in a fence for calf marking

Calf marking in Børgefjell