About the national park

Børgefjell National Park stretches from Trøndelag into Nordland. Much of the area is high mountains. The national park includes valleys, mountain plateaus, raging rivers and mountain lakes, where you can catch your own dinner. Allow several days to enjoy some of the best nature in Norway.


Børgefjell/Byrkije National Park is worth “squandering” a bit of time in. It’s possible to go on a day hike but we recommend allowing several days to explore the area to the full. Børgefjell is not for everyone, nor should it be. A long hike demands good physical fitness and hiking experience.

Flora and fauna

The mountains, lakes and rivers in Børgefjell provide good habitats for the animals and birds that live and find food here.

History and culture

Most people associate Børgefjell with wilderness, mountain peaks, expansive plateaus and mountain lakes. However, it’s important to remember that the area is an old cultural landscape, where people still have their workplace.

Reindeer husbandry in Børgefjell

Southern Sami domesticated reindeer husbandry takes place in Børgefjell. This means that you can see activity as well as traces of reindeer husbandry both inside and outside of the national park.

Rules, management and supervision

National parks protect the very best of Norwegian nature. This protection contributes to looking after the landscape and diversity of animals and plants. This will enable us to continue having memorable hiking adventures – also in the future.


Where is Børgefjell National Park?

Børgefjell National Park lies within the municipalities of Røyrvik and Namsskogan in Trøndelag county and Grane and Hattfjelldal in Nordland county.

Getting here

By train
Catch the train to Namsskogan or Majavatn. From Namsskogan, continue by taxi to Smalåsen or the district’s flexible transport service Tilbringertjenesten to Namsvatnet. From Majavatn, walk or take a taxi to Tomasvatnet or Simskardet. Alternatively, you can travel by train to Trofors and bus to Hattfjelldal.

By car
Turn off the E6 highway to Røyrvik, Fiplingdal or Hattfjelldal. Driving from the south: Drive to Namsvatnet in Røyrvik and park by the lake and then take the schedule boat service. From the west: Turn off at Smalåsen and drive to the starting point at lake Smalvatnet, or turn off at Majavatn and drive to lake Tomasvatn. From the E6 to Fiplingdalen and continue to Simskardet. From the north: Drive to Susendalen. You can stop at Øyum or Oksvollen.

National Park municipalities