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Børgefjell/Byrkije National Park is worth “squandering” a bit of time in. It’s possible to go on a day hike but we recommend allowing several days to explore the area to the full. Børgefjell is not for everyone, nor should it be. A long hike demands good physical fitness and hiking experience.



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There are many opportunities for nature-based activities and experiences around the national park. See the municipal tourist information and our map of accommodation, dining and activity options in the region.

Hike in the mountains

July and August are the best months for hiking in Børgefjell. Use the official gateways to get into the national park. There are marked hiking trails at the start, but these gradually disappear, and you need to need to find your own way. There are no tourist cabins in Børgefjell, but there are some open huts and rental cabins.

Walk the “short” Simskard circuit

The Simskard circuit is an excellent option for those wanting a taste of Børgefjell without embarking on a multi-day hike with a heavy backpack. You can walk on a wooden walkway along the banks of the Simskardelva river to the Simskardhytta, which is an open hut. On the way back, you can take the trail on the other side of the river. Bridges have been constructed across the river and the trails cross these. In Simskardet, you hike through ancient coniferous forest surrounded by high mountains, while rivers and streams flow down the mountainsides. You will also see fences and other installations used for reindeer husbandry.

Catch mountain trout of the finest quality

Bring your fishing rod and catch your own dinner! In practice, there is only one fish species in Børgefjell, the trout. However, in return, it is well renowned for its outstanding quality. The “Børgefjellkortet” is a fishing licence that applies for the entire national park.

Explore the wet element

The many small and large lakes contribute to making Børgefjell the special place it is. The largest lakes in the national park are Simskardvatnet and Orvatnet. The watercourses are varied and, if you follow them, some memorable moments await you. The Storfossen waterfall on the Jengel watercourse is one of many highlights. Quench your thirst in the narrow mountain streams. You will find these “natural drink stations” wherever you venture in the national park. Two famous rivers, the Namsen and Vefsna, originate in the Børgefjell National Park.

Viewpoint Børgefjell – Vekterklumpen

Viewpoint Børgefjell in Røyrvik is a 360° panoramic vantage point offering views of many of the mountains in the area. You can see mountains in five municipalities and two national parks from here, including southern parts of Børgefjell/Byrkije National Park and the queen of Børgefjell, Kvigtind (1699 m.a.s.l.). You can take a good break here and enjoy the view. Feel free to use the cabin if the weather is rough. For more information about Viewpoint Børgefjell, please visit the viewpoint’s website.

House on a mountain top which is Viewpoint Børgefjell, Vekterklumpen

Viewpoint Børgefjell