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Open huts

There are several open huts in Børgefjell where you can seek shelter if the weather gets too rough. On this page, you will find information about these.



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Ranserbua was constructed by the residents of the Susendalen valley before the Second World War. The purpose of the hut was to have shelter in an area that offers good hunting and fishing terrain. The reindeer herding hut nearby was built in conjunction with the Norwegian-Swedish Reindeer Grazing Convention and the border fence. Ranserbua has two simple bunk beds and a small wood-burning stove. There is an outhouse beside the hut. The hut is owned and run by Statskog.

Price: Free use
Area: 6 m2
Sleeping capacity: 2
Distance to road (winter): 20 km
Distance to road (summer): 20 km
Heating:  Wood-burning stove
Lighting: No
Toilet: Outhouse
Cooking facilities: Wood-burning stove
Mobile coverage: No

Source: Statskog SF

Ranserbua open cabin Statskog SF

Ranserbua is situated in the Ranserdalen valley in the north-eastern part of Børgefjell.

Simskardhytta in Simskardet Open cabin belonging to Statskog

Simskardhytta is situated 3.5 km from the gateway and a wooden walkway leads to the hut.


Simskardhytta is situated in Simskardet is an old forest cabin. It was formerly a shed and was moved here and modified around 1963. The hut consists of a small entrance area, a living room with two bunks and a bedroom with one bed. The hut is owned and run by Statskog.

Price: Free use
Areal: 20 m2
Sleeping capacity: 5
Distance to road (winter): 6 km
Distance to road (summer): 3 km
Heating: Wood-burning stove
Lighting: Paraffin
Toilet: Outhouse
Cooking facilities: Gas
Mobile coverage: Limited

Source: Statskog SF

Skogstua in Namskroken

Skogstua was built as a forest shelter in 1918 and later taken over by the Namsskogan Mountain Board. Skogstua is open for hikers and mountain folk, except in the period from 9-30 September. The hut consists of a living room with two sets of bunks. You will find payment forms in the hut, which is owned and run by the Namsskogan Mountain Board.

Price: NOK 125 per person/per night
Areal: 16 m2
Sleeping capacity: 4
Distance to road (winter): 8 km
Distance to road (summer): 4 km
Heating:  Wood-burning stove
Lighting:  Paraffin
Toilet: Outhouse
Cooking facilities: Gas
Mobile coverage: No

Source: Namsskogan Mountain Board

Forest cabin in Namskroken Namsskogan fjellstyre - open cabin

Skogstua in Namskroken is situated in the lower lying south-western part of the national park.